Skincare is the ultimate holiday gift

The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s time to start making your list and checking it twice. It can be tough to find something for everyone on your list, let alone something they actually want and use. One thing every woman on your list is using is skincare products! Skincare is actually a foolproof holiday gift for the women in your life because everyone loves a new product to try, especially one that works. 

Skincare Makes the Best Gift

Even though clothing and household goods are among the most unwanted gifts for the holidays, more than half of gifters pick up these items every year! If you’re looking for gifts for the women on your list that will make them feel pampered, consider skincare! Often overlooked because it feels too personal, skincare is actually a great gift because:

  • – It’s something the women on your list are already using every day.
  • – Trying new products – especially when they’re a gift – is always fun. 
  • – Everyone from millennials to baby boomers loves new skincare.
  • – Self-care is a major focus for many women.


The Best Skincare Products to Gift

When gifting skincare, it’s important to find a product with universal benefits. Skincare is often a very personal choice, and everyone’s skin is a little different. Look for products that do more than just cleanse or moisturize, for example. Instead, find skincare gifts that provide universal benefits like preventing and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, providing more moisture to the skin and creating more youthful skin. 

Quench’s microwater complex technology is based on the ancient healing waters and rejuvenating rituals of Japanese skincare in the 10th century. They work to plump the skin, diminish fine lines and clear irritation, making them ideal for women of all ages who want to start a skincare routine today that makes a difference for years to come.

Because Quench micro-water complex molecules are smaller than regular water molecules, they are significantly more effective in penetrating the skin cell walls. Quench products deliver nutrient-rich minerals right to the skin cells which helps:

  •  -Penetrate skin cell walls
  • – Fortify the skin
  • – Balance pH levels
  • – Deliver nutrients to deep layers of skin


Skincare Gift Ideas

When it comes to skincare, you have lots of gift options. You can give a single product, but usually, skincare works better as a system so here are a few different skincare bundles you can give as gifts. 

  • For your BFF: She’s been there through thick and thin, it’s time to give her the ultimate spa experience she can use every single day. Our Quench 8-Piece Bundle has something for everyone. With cleansers, moisturizers and special products, this bundle can be given as a single gift or shared with your entire girl squad. Use code “Quench2020” to get 20% of the entire bundle. 
  • For the hard-to-buy-for gals on your list: If you’re still a little nervous about picking a facial product for the women on your list, choose a body product instead. Quench’s Body Bundle is great for all your skin from the neck down. It includes Miracle Body Souffle, Miracle Scrub and moisturizing hand cream. 
  • For the ladies who need some extra pampering: Overnight skincare is often overlooked and makes a great gift. The Quench Evening Bundle includes our Night Relief Creme to really boost radiance overnight and True Brilliance Eye Serum to wake up looking refreshed.
  • For the trendsetter who likes the latest products: Help your bestie revamp her skincare routine with our Quench Complete Facial Care System featuring a daily cleanser and moisturizer for everyday beauty as well as our Radiance Facial Peel for more pampering.


Skincare makes a great gift idea for all the women on your list because it’s unexpected and something they’ll be able to use every day. Look for high-quality products with natural ingredients, like those you’ll find in our Quench skincare products. Show the ladies in your life just how special they are by giving them a gift they’ll actually be able to use!

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