How Sugar Affects Your Skin – And How to Avoid It

With the holidays in full swing, there are sugary sweet treats available at every potluck, coffee shop and play date. These treats don’t only have an effect on your waistline. Sugar actually has immediate effects on your skin, too.

 All carbohydrates, whether they’re from sugar cookies or sweet potatoes, cause your insulin levels to spike. All this extra sugar in your diet during the holidays leads to inflammation throughout your body and especially in your skin.

 How Sugar Affects Your Skin

Celebrity dermatologists agree that sugar negatively affects your skin, claiming it causes everything from aging to inflammation. When it comes to your skin, sugar can actually:

  • – Bind to collagen and make your skin stiffer
  • – Activate inflammation
  • – Cause dull skin
  • – Emphasize wrinkles
  • – Increase oil production
  • – Makes pores larger
  • – Weakens your immune system
  • – Dehydrates skin


Surprising Sources of Sugar at the Holiday Table

Cookies, fudge, pies, cakes and all the treats lining the dessert table at every holiday feast are definitely packed with sugar. But even if you’re avoiding these desserts, your diet may still be full of surprising sources of sugar. These foods are high in sugar so consider eliminating them from your diet if you’re looking to limit sugar:

  • – Sugary vegetables like carrots and beets
  • – Melons like watermelon and cantaloupe
  • – Peanut butter
  • – Store-bought salad dressings and marinades
  • – Dinner rolls
  • – Dried fruit


How to Keep Your Skin Glowing All Winter

Between sugary sweets that cause everything from inflammation to oily skin and cooler winter temperatures that can cause dryness and redness, your skin needs some TLC this winter. Here’s how to keep your glow throughout the holidays:

  • 1.) Exfoliate. Dryer winter weather coupled with over-stimulated pores can lead to dry skin. Exfoliate daily during cold winter months to keep your skin from looking dull and flaky. But beware of over-exfoliating which can actually cause more redness and irritation.
  • 2.) Stay cool. It can be tempting to turn up the heat when washing your face, but hot water can actually cause more damage and dryness. Stick to cool or lukewarm water and let your products do the work!
  • 3.) Moisturize. Winter skin craves moisture. When your skin is dry, its natural response is to create more oil. It may seem counter-intuitive to combat oily skin with more moisture but it works. When you moisturize dryer winter skin, it’s less likely to compensate with more oil.


Winter Skin Care Swaps for Better Skin

The inflammation caused by sugar also slows the delivery of important nutrients to your skin. If you can’t avoid all the sweet treats surrounding you this holiday season, look for ways to add more nutrients and moisture to your skincare routine. 

Look for products that:

  • 1.) Add moisture. Choose a daily moisturizer that’s lightweight but also nourishing like Daily Glow Moisturizer.
  • 2.) Reduce inflammation. Soothe irritated skin with an effective but gentle cleanser like our Facial Foaming Cleanser.
  • 3.) Protect skin overnight. Even indoors, the warm, dry air from your heater can further dehydrate your skin. Using a luxurious night cream like Night Relief Crème can provide a protective barrier to keep your skin soft.


Quench Microwater Complex is designed to reverse moisture depletion, help balance pH levels and deliver rejuvenating nutrients to the deepest layers of skin. Because the molecules in Quench products are so much smaller than regular water molecules, they are significantly more effective at penetrating through inflamed skin cell walls. This rapid delivery system can help your skin instantly look more youthful and less inflamed, even if you’ve been indulging in holiday treats this season.

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