5 Fresh-Faced Skincare Bloggers that Will Have You Using #NoFilter

You may have seen more and more beauty influencers promoting a fresh face and their favorite skincare routine as you scroll through Instagram these days. People in the beauty community are starting to make a shift towards focusing more on their skin and less on their makeup, and for good reason! Caring for your skin now means preventing fine lines, dryness, wrinkles, and discoloration later in life.

We know, we know — saying goodbye to full-coverage foundation and Tarte Shape Tape sounds like a cry for help, but it’s actually an empowering movement that will do you some good. If you’re lost when it comes to skincare, we’ve found some amazing fresh-faced beauty bloggers who can help!

Our Favorite Fresh-Faced Skincare Bloggers

  • HoneynSilk: Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth uses her blog to talk about her lifelong journey building confidence in her own skin. Stephanie dealt with acne as a teenager and used to cover her skin up with tons of makeup filled with harsh chemicals and unsafe ingredients. Now, she’s a proponent for taking care of your skin and choosing the right products.
  • JennIRainCloud: As a mother of two, Jenni talks about how her skin has changed after having children in her blog. Jenni also made the switch in her early twenties to only using natural skincare and respecting her body to the fullest. She aims to empower women to say no to harmful ingredients and toxic chemicals in their daily routines in order to benefit themselves and their families.
  • HaleyIvers: Haley is a fitness, beauty, and lifestyle influencer who is making the switch to only use clean skincare products. She says, “Nothing feels better than throwing away skincare products that are ‘supposed’ to be good for you but actually have artificial ingredients, toxins, and parabens in them.”
  • Nicole Rodriguez: Nicole has an instagram that will bring you instant calm. She prides herself on her minimal style and simple skincare ambitions. She is an advocate for beauty that doesn’t take that long and isn’t super intensive. She believes in skincare that’s so easy anyone could do it! Hints why she calls herself, “casual Colie.”
  • Alicia Yoon: Alicia is a registered esthetician who answers popular skincare questions on her blog. She also hosts an Instagram page filled with fresh-faced selfies, lifestyle tips, and product reviews. She frequently teaches her subscribers how you can plan for taking care of your skin long-term and how to be knowledgeable about the types of skincare you should be using.

See, it doesn’t have to be rocket science to have a flawless skincare routine! There are many gorgeous women to help you navigate what products you should be using and how to develop a routine that works for you.

Here at Quench MicroWater Complex, we only use natural ingredients in our products, and we keep it simple. Our formula dates back to centuries-old Japanese practices which uphold the belief that skincare should be meditative, not complicated. Shop our line of 8 essential products!

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